Should You Fix or Replace Your Windows

Should You Fix or Replace Your Windows

Your windows are old, ugly and they are a pain to open and close.  You might be thinking that it is time they are replaced and despite the high cost of replacing your window it will be worth it because of what you will save on your heating bills.

Think again…

There are cheaper and easier ways to cut down on those heating bills that won’t cost you thousands of dollars.  Now you’re wondering, should you replace your windows or repair them, read on and we can help you make that decision.

Rotten Wood Around the Windows

Rotten wood around the windows including the frames and sashes will allow water and cold air to come into your home. The wood can rot because of age or exposure to the weather.  If you only have minor spots of rot then you can fix the area with a bit of epoxy, bear in mind that these windows often look far worse than they actually are. If the rot is extensive then it is time to replace the window.

Broken Window Panes

You may think that a broken window pane automatically means you should replace your windows.  If you have newer and less expensive vinyl windows then yes, you should replace them.  If you live in an older home with vintage windows then get someone into to fix the broken pane.

Broken Seals

When you have windows that are double or even triple paned, the seals between them can get destroyed.  Once the seals have broken you get condensation between the panes and you can’t see out of your windows anymore.  Once your seals break there really isn’t much that you can do to save the window pane.  You can replace them depending on the size of the window or you can opt to replace the pane and sash.

Windows That Won’t Stay Open or Closed

With older windows they don’t always open and close as smoothly as new windows.  Over the years dirt and grit ends up in the tracks, sashes get painted shut and the hardware can break.  If it is just the windows painted shut you can get a utility knife and break the seal.  Cleaning out the tracks is fairly easy and you can do that yourself.  Broken hardware can also be replaced but with older windows it may be impossible to find the parts and in that case it may time to replace the windows.

Drafty Windows

Windows aren’t supposed to let in the cold air but as they get older the caulking breaks down, the weather stripping comes of and the wood that holds the panes in places starts to rot.  You can repair all of these windows with a little bit of caulking or some weather stripping.  In this case it is easier to repair, replacements are expensive and it won’t lower your heating costs enough to justify the expense.

So should you replace or repair your windows?  In most cases you are better off repairing them, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself then

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